About Mayang

In 1985, we founded Wuyi Mayang Precision Casting Factory, the predecessor of Mayang Industries, and in 2009, Zhejiang Mayang Industries Co., Ltd. was officially incorporated.

Since then, Mayang has grown into a modern high-tech manufacturing business, developing and producing castings that are resistant to wear, corrosion, and heat.

With a professional team, advanced production equipment and thorough after-sales services, we offer customers worldwide competitive products and satisfactory services.

Castings with our brand MY are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Chile, and South Africa, and our market share is steadily growing.

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Zhejiang Mayang Industries Co., Ltd.

Add.: Gumashan Industrial Zone, Wangzhai Town, Wuyi City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel.: +86-579-87668028

Fax: +86-579-87799889

E-mail: market@zjwymy.com

Website: www.zjyurong.com

Contact Person: Niwei